Psychoterapie Palmovka
Veronika Cveckova, M.Div.
“More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed.
More love, less hate.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart


I came across Veronica by chance. I tried several therapists before her and none of them seemed willing to really listen and help me. I couldn't find a good therapist for almost a year and felt like I was just wasting my time and money. My boyfriend's therapist suggested Veronika and I am more than happy with her help and guidance. Veronika is very kind and patient and gives detailed feedback on the problem. She is very knowledgeable in the field of psychology, neurology, substance abuse and overall health. She would listen carefully, respond thoroughly and teach you techniques to overcome anxiety, trauma, etc. When someone loves their job, it really makes a big difference - you can tell she enjoys what she does. (Maria B, Prague)

Ms. Veronika is a very sympathetic and kind therapist with a great willingness to listen and understand a person and their given problem. After just the first session, I felt lighter and more satisfied. I definitely recommend Ms. Veronika, no matter what problem you have. (Míša P., Zdiby - translated from Czech)

I already liked Ms. Veronika from the photos and reviews on her website. I followed my intuition and made an appointment for the first (online) therapy. Above all, I appreciate her ability to connect deeply and empathize, as well as the practical training of various techniques for managing emotions, etc. Scheduling dates is seamless and Veronika always accommodates me due to my limited time options. (Veronika O., Prague - translated from Czech)

If someone doesn't feel good mentally, they need to find a therapist. It's not a bad thing. They should be a person you can trust and tell them anything, only then can they help you. And Veronika is exactly like that. Open, one trusts her, during therapy she creates a very pleasant space in which one feels like a fish in water. (Štěpánka S., Prague - translated from Czech)

I initially came to Veronika hoping to find a solution to my anxiety problem. Not only did her therapy help with that, she also showed me new approaches in dealing with mental health-related issues, and even preventing them. Attentive, professional, and just plain nice to talk to, she has my recommendation. (Adam P., Berlin)

Fate wanted it that way and I am extremely grateful that I came across Ms. Veronika. I would have a hard time trying to find a more empathetic, pleasant and, above all, capable therapist, who in a short time could instill confidence in a person and open up topics that I didn't even know needed to be opened up and on which we successfully work together. The sessions are completely natural and despite the difficulties we go through together, I am always relaxed after the therapy. Thank you. (Natálie E., Prague - translated from Czech)

Although I am a supporter of offline meetings and I could not imagine that I would receive therapy online, Skype consultations with Veronika were a very pleasant surprise for me. As a therapist, Veronika is very kind and pleasant, she can empathize with the client very well. Just her voice and the optimism in her eyes was very reassuring for me. Her unique approach was a completely new experience in the field of therapy for me, as in certain respects it differed from meetings with other therapists I had in the past. I didn't feel that I was bad when I described to her how I experience certain situations, how I "swim" in them, what emotions I feel. I was greatly reassured by the fact that she considered them completely normal, ordinary, part of experiencing and dealing with the given situation. For me personally, her informal way of expressing herself was also a great benefit, because at the given moment it was simply convenient not to speak in a formal way, and some curse words were also spoken on both sides. And that was really convivial to me and I felt very comfortable and safe during the therapies. I thank Veronica very much for her help and for recommending techniques or books that help me in the next steps. I will gladly refer to her again in the future. (Aneta J., Prague - translated from Czech)

The selection of a therapist often takes place somewhat "blindly". And I am extremely glad that I came across Veronika during my search. She is helping me cope with the most difficult situation in my life so far. At the same time we are working on becoming a more balanced and maybe even a little better person. In my opinion, Veronika excels in empathy and can pleasantly surprise in many ways, she has a wide range of techniques, various exercises and topics. I never imagined that I would feel so comfortable in therapy, and that I would be able to talk about things so openly, but with Veronika it comes completely naturally. Therapy with her is really helping me. (Luděk V., Prague - translated from Czech)

I have been meeting with Veronika for a long time. We have already travelled together a long way and have a long way to go. But I know it makes sense, that the path is right, thanks to Veronika. I take away something new and encouraging from each of our sessions. It teaches me to get to know myself and to understand myself, not to judge myself. And that is very important to me! I'm glad she came into my life. (Dita S., Prague - translated from Czech)